Sunday, January 12, 2014

In the Midst of the first Historical Fortnightly Challenge

First thing first, I am not likely to ever order from Barnes and Nobles again. The one of the three books I really wanted for this challenge was Corset's and Crinolines and it may or may not arrive on Monday. I received my other two books from Amazon last Wednesday in the morning. Which arrived two days ahead of schedule  via USPS. I ordered all of the books on the same day with in minutes of each other! First Barnes and Nobles delay shipping my book by several days for no real reason other than "we have to delay your order shipping". RIGHT, it took 3 days to ship my order. Free two to three day shipping.... my package sat for 36 hours in a UPS facility in my state due to weather.... That was Thursday night, if I can deliver pizzas in my two door Hyundai Accent in some snow, AND deliver the following night perfectly fine why is it UPS can not manage to send out their trucks? My much awaited book is sitting in Sharonville, Ohio which is literally 20 minutes from my house.... Trust me on this one, I pass their dang facility on a regular basis to treat myself to Macaroni Grill. BUT so that UPS can say it was delivered in "2 to 3 business days" apparently the "weather delay" get's them off the hook. I am completely and very pointedly reminded why I have only shopped Amazon for years. (Besides that fact that I own my very beloved Kindle) Their customer service is top notch and I only once had a problem with an order years ago. Which was resolved promptly and I was given a credit when they realized that by mistake a few packages had been over looked to be picked up by USPS.

Now that my rant is over on that subject, I am almost at the last hour on getting this project done for Wednesday. Luckily my project is turning my franken-hoop into a proper historical "reproduction" of a crinolette a museum. I have my fabric all lined up. I just need to photograph Mr. Franken-hoop, then embark on the lovely task of removing all the boning tape, cause it's a remake challenge, I want to save as much as possible from the original garment. Oh, wait one problem.

I have a single picture of the existing garment. Two sentences of description and two total measurements. Lovely starting point for building this puppy. Luckily Costume in Detail has proved helpful. But not quite enough to be sure of my pattern though. (Which I am making myself) So I am now in that terribly distracting land of Google. HOURS upon HOURS latter I am praying that books shows up so that I can at least try to confirm on Monday that I am not interpreting my research wrong.

WHICH just confirms my insanity. DID I HAVE to pick an era so few people ever really do? Of course not. BUT of COURSE that's why I found it so interesting in the first place. Could I have done something 1860- 1865? Why yes, I actually have patterns and I actually have fabric and a stack of previously done research. I have BOOKS!

BUT no, I see this one image and fell in love with this crinolette. So I just had to make it out of Mr. Franken-hoop. Seriously, I might need professional help.

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