Friday, May 9, 2014

I thought the first post I would write would be about CC32 or aka Costume Con 32 but instead I need vent a serious frustration. Why the hell is it that I call in to supervisor about a person doing a great job I always encounter people who are completely surprised that I want to say something good about someone in customer service. Yes, I do keep my mouth shut about the bad service, unless it really crosses the line. But, I have to admit I find it terrible that when one has something good to say everyone is shocked. SERIOUSLY! Am I the only one out there that takes the time to call back and say this person did something good? REALLY?

If you read this please take the time to applaud someone who goes above and beyond for you even when they think it's their job. B/c really they are helping you out. And it might just be because they are afraid of doing something wrong, (and they could get a complaint) when they are actually going above and beyond to help you.

Spread the luv and compliment those who help you out!

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